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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ye Olde Classmates: James Jean

Another towering figure in our graduating class was James Jean. I did not really realize the magnitude of his popularity until I started showing his work to my students, and he happened to be a hero of many of them. We shared a few friends and painted together a few times, but I didn't get to know him all that well. Sometimes he would bring a trumpet to class and play, which was good fun. He always, always, always, was sketching everyone and everything.

Although he has found great success as an illustrator, he is the envy of all kinds of draftsmen.

This was always my favorite.

An old student piece. I think this is from one of our classes, but I can't remember.

James posts his sketchbooks on his site, and you can flip through page by page. Pretty fun. He actually sells them, and even publishes books of his sketches that you can buy on his website.

A 9/11 sketch. I tried to do one too from midtown, but didn't get anything.

I need to see James's sketches more often, and they always inspire me to crack open the moleskin. Is there any greater master of the sketchbook? I think he's the reigning champion.


What, does he live on an airplane?

Another old one, apparently on paper.

Another one from Steve Assael's class. The light on the female figure is a dead giveaway. Gorgeous, beautiful paintings. Wow.

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