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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hugo Urlacher

I've gone to a scarce few art openings in Little Rock, because honestly I'd normally rather hang out with my kids on a Friday night, but when I saw Hugo Urlacher's work in an email I knew I'd see something special, and wanted to meet him.

Hugo is a gentle soul and a visionary painter. A citizen of Argentina, Hugo works in a distinctly South American manner. There seems to be a tendency in Spanish and South American painting away from direct life painting and toward photographic realism. A departure from the photo source is then found in metaphysical or fantastical imagery, and even elements of total expressionistic abstraction. This could easily become formulaic, but I find Urlacher's paintings full of spirit and interesting emotion.

I find this painting deeply touching. The figures are life-sized.

Hugo's paintings range stylistically from near abstraction to photorealism.

I thought Dan P. would appreciate the horns in this one.

I love triptychs. Should tackle one some time. Figuratively speaking.


  1. And you were so right, Stevie. Love them horns. I like the lady all abstracted in white and the kind of 'floating' theme running through some of them.