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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gail Potocki

I can't get enough of Gail Potocki's work. To me she is one of the most powerful and under recognized painters working today. Gail lives in the 21st century American midwest, but paints in another time and place or maybe even outside of time-space, in other words a transdimensional (thanks D.O.J.P!) painter, and a symbolist in her own right, proving that art movements have more to do with temperament than trends.

As a believer myself that Adam and Eve are my grandparents, I love depictions of them, but find the above two paintings Particularly powerful. They are not in any way conventional which makes them more believable to me psychologically. They borrow more from the turn of the century than the renaissance. The ghosty death faces in the background are very similar to those in Gustav Klimt's "Hope".

She made Barrel of Monkeys poetic. How great.



  1. Gail Potocki's work often gives powerful voice to elements or characters that we humans sometimes ignore (to our own peril).

    Thanks, Gail, for your thought-provoking (sometimes breathtaking) imagery and thanks, Stephen, for sharing.

  2. I immediately focused in on the Adam and Eve paintings. I agree with you on these. That Eve is devastating.

    These are really powerful paintings. Thanks for sharing.