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Friday, December 3, 2010

Teachers of Mine: Lea Colie Wight

Lea Wight is not only one of Studio Incamminati's very finest instructors, she's a genuinely nice person. I do not know what is better, her drawing sense or her color. Both are impeccable. Her compositions are infused with luminous optimism and her figures are warm with humanity.

Waiting by lea Wight Oil ~ 42 x 32
Lea is great at pulling the viewer into the picture plane. The placement of the foot in the foreground here is a perfect entry point, like a great opening line to a song.

Red Snapper by lea Wight Oil ~ 14" x 20"
A fish on a dish has never been more exciting.

Cottage Sink by lea Wight Oil ~ 30" x 20"

Sunday by lea Wight Oil ~ 30 x 40
The open door is a very intriguing exit point. I love the warm light peeking through.

Lauren by lea Wight Oil ~ 48 x 28self portrait 2008 by lea Wight Oil ~ 20" x 24"Serpentine by lea Wight Oil ~ 20 x 16
Powerful "duo-tone". This is Incamminati's technique in which there is a single shadow color and a single color for the light. The figure is fully modeled creating tonal differences by varying the pressure of the brush against the gray ground. This one's called "serpentine".

Kate by lea Wight Conte ~ 17 x 23Tree - figure study by lea Wight Conte ~ 23" x 18"Mark by lea Wight Pencil ~ 18" x 18"
I find her drawings both gestural and deep.

Catherine by lea Wight Pencil ~ 18" x 24"
This is one of the best graphite drawings I've ever seen. Look at how free and rapid the strokes are, but they come together to make this beautifully formed figure. The strokes toward the bottom right seem to drip off of the paper.

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