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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Teachers of Mine: Kerry Dunn

I took a few two-week workshops at Studio Incamminati in Philly, and became pretty good friends with Kerrry Dunn, one of their instructors. He's the same age as me, but I learned a great deal from him. I love that he is dedicated to strict life observation, and in terms of technique he probably is the closest painter to Nelson Shanks himself. If you're ever in Philly have a beer with him some time. He's a laid back dude, and loves to talk painting.

Cool bit of experimentation. Kerry talked about doing something like this. I dig it.

I admire when people can honestly take the world's most mundane objects and make something beautiful out of them. I've never really pulled it off because I get too bored. For Kerry, seeing itself is exciting. The phenomena of light and color are enough to hold his attention, and ours too. The water bottles are stunning.

Poor birdie. Beautiful painting. Good call choosing an oval composition.

Kerry's a Converse man. You've gotta love him for that.


  1. I have always liked his work. He had by far the best painting in the Fort Wayne Museum show of contemporary realism.

  2. He's brilliant and humble to boot!

  3. Whoa, didn't know his stuff was there! Yeah, well said, JT.