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Friday, November 5, 2010

Ye Olde Classmates: Michael Lierly

Michael Lierly is one of my all-time favorite people and one of my best friends. We were classmates in Savannah and New York, and both got our MFA at Indiana University. He teaches at University of Arkansas at Little Rock this semester, but will soon be Moving to Austin, Texas. Formerly a member of the band Soophie Nun Squad, he now plays guitar for Universe.

I find this one exceptional.

A clever take on renaissance altarpieces. . Ok, maybe this one is my favorite. The frame here is a stuffed snake made by our goodfriend, Eli, a performance artist.

A piece from school. Probably Max's class considering the light.

We were both students of Assael and heavily influenced by him. I suppose we are similar as painters in many other ways, including an inability to settle on one thing thematically, stylistically, or geographically. I think that's great. We are writing a book together, but I won't tell you what it's about yet.

Lovely color study.

I own this one. One of his best drawings I think.

I find this one powerful an psychologically charged.

This was a collaboration. The model for the painting did the background.

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