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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Star Wars Art: Visions

Star Wars Art: Visions Buy it here and find out more about it here

A new book of Star Wars themed paintings with a foreward by George Lucas himself features many of my favorite painters, some teachers and friends of mine, and a few names that are new to me. I'll post my faves with links to their personal websites, and if you're lucky, a little commentary. I'm not sure if all of them stand up as "art", which would be difficult considering what a pop cultural icon Star Wars is, but most of it is interesting and very good painting. It really brought out the best in some of these painters.

Daniel Greene is one of the great living portrait painters. Above are two by him.

Jacob A. Pfeiffer is a new name to me, as I am not generally a still-life fan. This is one of the few that really go beyond illustration in my opinion. It looks like a painting.

Will Wilson is always funny and always good.

Michael Grimaldi

Above are two by Scott Waddell. I've heard his name, but he's new to me. Good painter.

Jeremy Lipking makes fun of himself here I think. It's very good though. It's a classic Lipking but an alien. Above is the painting and below is the concept sketch.

Arantzazu Martinez. Wow! This painting is outrageous. I'm glad to have discovered her work through this project.

My good friend, Carl Samson. Complete with gold leaf! This is truly an extraordinary piece.

Stephen Early is one of my teachers. This is a more interpretive allegory concerning the struggle between good and evil. Looks kind of like a ballet, but the coolest ballet ever.

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