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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teachers of Mine: Max Ginsburg

"You need to find better-looking models."- Max Ginsburg

And so I did.

Max Ginsburg was one of my painting instructors in New York. He was also one of Steven Assael's teachers, and his influence on Steve can be seen when comparing their subway paintings.

"D", by Steven Assael

Max is the son of Abraham Ginsburg, a student of Charles Hawthorne. He is largely influenced by the work of the Russian social realists of the late nineteenth century, especially Ilya Repin. The social realists found nobility in peasant culture, and in the story of the common man. Max considers himself part of the tradition of social realism, but finds his inspiration in modern urban life in New York City.

"Procession" by Ilya Repin

The light in this one is quite Assael-ish .

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