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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Teachers Of Mine: Dorian Vallejo

"I bet I can draw it faster than you can. I'll beat ya." -Dorian Vallejo

And so he did.

Dorian Vallejo is the son of the famous fantasy illustrator, Boris Vallejo, but a great painter and draftsman in his own right. After establishing himself first as a science fiction illustrator and later as a portrait painter, Dorian is currently pursuing fine art as a career. Dorian works obsessively and quickly. His paintings are full of gooey texture, luminous color, and gestural brushwork.

Not officially an SVA instructor at the time, Dorian functions as sort of Max Ginsburg's assistant teacher. He always worked alongside of the students, and we learned from him as he worked.

Please check out "Drawings: Inspired by Life" Dorian's new book of life drawings.

A great head study of a fellow student, Julie Strasheim.

Some of Dorian's formal portrait work.

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