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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I think of Picasso's Blue and Rose Periods

I like them.

These are all to me very emotionally powerful.  The background there looks straight out of Redon.

During the time my parents were working in a realty office in New Jersey we often spent a lot of time coloring in a conference room.  A reproduction of this painting either sat on a shelf or hung on a wall there, but I remember being inwardly flabbergasted and embarrassed that the boy in it was not wearing clothes, and nobody seemed to mind the picture.

Mother and Child by Pablo Picasso
This is one of my favorite mother and child drawings.  It's all about the gesture in that top hand.

 I find the perfectly melancholy that I want in these compositions.  So full of love and anxiety.

This is my favorite Picasso piece, and one of my all time favorite paintings.  I feel that in many of my own paintings I have unwittingly referenced it and continue to.


  1. Nice post! I too am a fan of his Blue/Rose periods. There are a few paintings in his Neo-Classic period I really appreciate also.

  2. Thanks Michael. I thought of you and was hoping you would like it. I like some of those neo-classic paintings too.