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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some things I visited at The Art Institute

Here are some things I always enjoy at the Chicago Art Institute. I shot these with my iphone during my recent visit. I forgot to visit the Ossawa Tanner somehow. Maybe I missed the American wing.

William Bouguereau


Manfredi's "Cupid Chastised". One of my all-time favorite paintings, and among the most influential to me. That's me in front to get a sense of scale. Definitely my favorite painting in the collection.

At once an image of pain and violence as well as a loving depiction of human flesh.

Looks like a restorer messed up the glazes on the blue sash in cleaning it.

Can't remember who, but it's cool and large.

The Peacocks create some cool tension sticking their heads out here and there.

I love the pointing finger cutting right into this beautiful head.

Titian. At a close look, you can see the herringbone pattern in the canvas weave. I like the flying head in the background.

I always like the gesture in this head.

A grisaille study for my favorite Degas composition.

A closeup shot of Mancini's fancy knifework in "Rest". Very inspiring. I love when youthful beauty and a presence of death coexist in a figure. the golden effect in the highlights is nice.

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  1. Thanks for posting all of these, Professor! Since I last took your class, I became really interested in the "hidden" messages in these paintings. (Your "Iconoclast" for example - it disturbed me and I didn't know why until you explained it to me.) I like the painting with the peacocks in it as well as the Titian...so much inspiration here.